Issue 17
May 2017


Laetitia Sadier; Holger Czukay; Satoko Fujii; Matthew Shipp; Mike Watt; Lisa Germano; Ravi Shankar; Bert Jansch; Scott Walker; Alejandro Jodorowsky; The Residents; Nick Cave; Ryuichi Sakamoto; Terry Riley …many more…

Triple Echo

Simone White; Jon Hassell; Alon Nechushtan; Naama Kates; Sarah Dooley; Chase/Colpitts/Krieger; Matt Mayhall; Hecuba; Jeff Parker Trio; Orchestra of Exiles; Metamono; Chains of Love; Free Moral Agents; Gnarwhallaby; Lisa Germano; Spirit Vine; Helen Money; Blackmore's Night; Turnbull Green; Sand; The Wood Brothers; VIinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell; Paper Mice; John Cale; Harris Eisenstadt; Gareth Liddiard; Faust; Useless Eaters; Cameras; Emily Wells; Spielgusher; Bollywood Bloodbath; Vas Deferens; Eleanor Friedberger; James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg; Kiran Ahluwalia; Christine Owman; Kourosh Yaghmaei…and more…


d'Animal; Diamanda Galás; The Love Witch; The Zombies; Long Way North; Argentina; Satoko Fujii; Metamono; Magma; Cemetery of Splendor; Jočo Gilberto & Stan Getz; Naïm Amor; Naama Kates; Nels Cline; Doug Wieselman; The Wind Rises; Only Lovers Left Alive; Stoney Spring; In Bloom; Child's Pose…and more…


Baby Dee
Wim Wenders
Osamu Tezuka
Joy Divison
The Kronos Quartet

… and more

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